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Research Paper On Co Curricular Activities

Student perceptions of co-curricular activities were consistently positive, reflecting perceived improvement in self-confidence and abilities. Barriers to student engagement included voluntary participation and student's limited scope of practice. Engagement in co-curricular activities also improved academic performance and clinical knowledge.

  • Mahoney et al (2003) found a positive relationship between co-curricular activities and inter-personal competencies, high aspiration and better attention level. Hollway (2002) studied effect on motivation and found it positive too. Similarly Bauer and Liang, (2003) showed positive effect on critical thinking, social

  • Some researchers have divided co-curricular activities into informal and formal activities. The formal activities include activities which are relatively structured, such as participating in athletics or learning to play a musical instrument. Informal activities, on.

  • co-curricular activities perform better in exams than those students who don’t participate at all (Reeves, 2008).. (Eccles & Barber, 1999). Research on cocurricular- activities has linked a number of outcomes with students’ participation in co-curricular activities as shown in Table 1 below: Table 1 Education statistics of students .


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